The Ocoee Whitewater Rafting Full River Trip

Best Rafting Trip in the Southeast: The Full Ocoee River Whitewater Rafting Trip

Raft on the same course as the Olympic Whitewater contenders!

Built for the 1996 Olympic Whitewater event, this course is the first time an Olympic Whitewater event was held on a natural river in the United States. A half mile section of the river was custom engineered to create the largest and most powerful rapids on the entire Ocoee River, yet designed to still fit seamlessly into the Ocoee’s rugged, natural setting.
Your trip begins upstream in a remote canyon and continues on for five miles.

The first mile is easy, but soon the real fun starts and the rapids begin to build larger and larger until you reach the Olympic course which passes by the Whitewater Center.

Mikey’s Ledge, Humongous, and Godzilla rapids—all class IVs— won’t disappoint as you conquer the famous waters of the Upper Ocoee.

Book your trip early however as the Upper is only available on weekends from mid-May until mid-October….34 days in all.
Our Ocoee river rafting trips are fun for any skill level— experienced guides will give you all the directions for “paddle forward,” “all back” or “take a break” as they expertly steer you to the most fun parts of the river.

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