Kayak Clinics & Rates

“Whitewater Sunday Sampler” 

Kayak Clinics on the Ocoee River“In many years paddling the Ocoee, I still enjoy watching people’s ‘gravitational pull’ towards kayaking. However, that pull has to land somewhere. That’s why we’ve revamped OAC’s Whitewater Sunday Sampler as a perfect first taste of whitewater kayaking. This program will not only get you started – it will keep you hooked!”


The ultimate intro to whitewater kayaking!

Introductory Whitewater Classes on the Ocoee

After completing this one day program with us, you’ll own a solid foundation of kayak-basics perfected in a controlled environment. Our proven progression provides you the best opportunity for a fun first-time kayaking experience and strong foundation for planning your next move on the river. With the Whitewater Sunday Sampler, you’ll receive:

  • Two on-water sessions – flat water in the morning;
    easy/slow moving water in the afternoon
  • Our proven “Kayaks Basics” progression featuring concepts such as “Body & Balance for Great Kayaking” and “Essential Paddle Strokes & Combinations”
  • Clear “Next Steps” on how to further your kayaking skill set
  • Use of our top-flight kayaking gear
  • $129 per person plus tax


“Private Whitewater Coaching and Instruction”

“Private coaching and instruction has been a core part of my development as coach, athlete, and paddler at every stage in my career. Customization, flexibility, and impacting – it has to be the core of my instructional program too.”

Kayak Coaching on the OcoeePrivate Whitewater Coaching & Instruction is the connecting point where our System, Team, and River meet your desire to kayak the way YOU want to kayak. We work around your schedule and at your pace – and we know you’re not coming to OAC Kayaking to keep your paddling static and flat. Our kayakers come to the Ocoee to learn, improve, refine, and have fun and OAC Kayaking’s Private Coaching & Instruction sets just the right tone and challenge to take your paddling to the next level. With each full-day on Private Coaching & Instruction, you’ll receive:

  • Two on-water sessions (morning and afternoon)
  • Whitewater technique development
  • “Body & balance for great kayaking” analysis
  • Clear “Next Steps” on how to further your kayaking skill set
  • Use of our top-flight kayaking gear


$225 per day one person
$350 per day two people ($175 per person)
$450 per day three people ($150 per person)
$500 per day four people ($125 per person)


“Private Whitewater Coaching”

Private Whitewater Coaching on the OcoeeAs one of the truly premiere kayak offerings in the United States, this clinic is your opportunity to progress your kayaking under the keen eye and intuitive coaching style of one of kayaking specialists. Whether it’s a one-time memorable kayak experience or ongoing kayaking skill progressions and goal-achievement, our staff brings some of the most innovative whitewater and performance concepts, techniques, and philosophies to your kayaking objectives.

Contact OAC to make a reservation for Private Whitewater Coaching


“Youth Kayak Programs”

gold_medal_joe_in_alaskaKayaking is emerging as one of the exciting and differentiating program choices available to summer camps, church groups, educational organizations geared towards young people. Allow OAC Kayaking to add a brand new connection to your organization’s Ocoee-based adventure as unique and memorable value-added program amenities that will resonate with your participants, their families, and the host organization itself. From customized on-water instruction to theme-based off-water programs, OAC Kayaking knows how to position and produce paddlesports as one of your most popular and effective activities.

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