Our Ocoee River Staff and Guides

OAC’s Ocoee River Staff and Rafting Guides

Your Ocoee Rafting experience with OAC is created from a host of factors – the attractiveness and cleanliness of our outpost… the lack of smelliness of our pfd’s… the up-to-dateness of our river gear… the friendliness and helpfulness of our staff when you check in… the expertise and training of our guides on the river or trail….and more.

Anyone who has participated in a rafting trip on the Ocoee River will tell you that the river is great, but The Guide can make your trip an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime! At Ocoee Adventure Center we have hands down the most experienced, highest quality guide staff on the Ocoee River.

We invite you to meet our river staff and learn more about them. 

Rafting Guides

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