Ocoee Outpost Staff – Bob S

Meet Bob - Ocoee River Outpost StaffBob – Master Bus Driver Gets you to the River!

Bob has been with the Ocoee Adventure Center for 12 years now, and in that time he’s become more than just a bus driver for getting our Ocoee Rafting trips to the water. When the powers that be decide to change our Ocoee Rafting trip schedules, the first person we call … is Bob… to make sure we can get all of our rafting trips to and from the river! From keeping our busses running on time, to keeping our busses starting up when we turn the key, Bob is an essential member of our staff. Many Ocoee River rafting outposts our size have 4 or even 5 bus drivers… we have Bob – he truly does the work of 4 or 5 people, and does it better than anybody else! He’s also the guy who will help you jump start your car, get your keys out of your locked car, or find a mechanic if you need one. We call Bob our Ocoee Rafting Logistics Coordinator, Ocoee Rafting Bus Driver, all around nice guy, anything except late for lunch!

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