Ocoee River Trip Leader – Amy

Ocoee River Trip Leader - Meet AmyAmy Burnett – Trip Leader
Snow Cat Driver…Engineering and Nursing – what talent!

Unless you have Dr. in front of your name, Amy probably has you beat as far as number of degrees! Mathematics and engineering make up just a few of her many undergraduate and graduate degrees. Careers in each, along with teaching and who knows what else have led Amy to realize that guiding rafts on the Ocoee River is simply where she’s meant to be! For the past several years, Amy has lived the dream, guiding on the Ocoee in the Summer and driving the snow cats at Big Sky Ski Resort in Montana. This year marks a big change for Amy, no surprise, she’s going for yet another degree, this time in nursing! You may be wondering what kind of a guide Amy is, seeing as how she spends all her time in school, but in between all these degrees, Amy has been guiding rafts on the Ocoee, Chattooga, Nantahala, Poudre and others for more than 16 years! She’s been one of our top trip leaders since 2006, and we’re really grateful to have her around!


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