Ocoee River Trip Leader – JJ

Ocoee River Trip Leader & Kayak Instructor JJJJ Kuehnel – Trip Leader
and great Kayak Instructor as well…

JJ has been with the Ocoee Adventure Center almost since the beginning. Starting out as an Ocoee River Rafting Guide, JJ has also worked as a great kayak instructor for us, and now serves as an Ocoee River Trip Leader when he’s available. JJ has a real world job that keeps him on the run more days than not, but he still manages to tear himself away and work on the river during the summer months. When he’s not working or traveling for work, JJ loves to kayak the creeks and rivers of the southeast (and beyond, in 2009 taking a big California trip)! His latest adventures involve a “Squirt Boat” on the Ocoee River and others in the area. If you’re lucky enough to have Mr. Kuehnel as your Ocoee River Rafting guide, you’ll have to get him to explain what it means to paddle a squirt boat to you!

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