Ocoee River Trip Leader – Paul

paulPaul Weaver – Trip Leader on the Ocoee… teacher off the river

Paul is another of our 16+ year Ocoee River guides! For years the river was his real job, now that he’s married and settled down (just a little) he’s also a teacher. Teaching is the perfect job for someone addicted to the Ocoee River though, he’s here for us every weekend when the season starts and ends, and for the meat of the whitewater rafting season – summertime, he’s with us 5 days a week! If you’re on a full Ocoee River trip with Paul, you may notice that he seems a little friendly with our photographer stationed at Humongous – Cheryl. Don’t worry though, it’s all legitimate, they tied the knot last summer. Paul and Cheryl have just finished building their first home, south of Chattanooga where they both teach at the same school, but we’re pretty confident that we’ll see a good bit of them this summer, their second home is a bungalow right on the Ocoee Adventure Center’s property!

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