Directions from Blue Ridge, GA to Copperhill and the Ocoee River:

Here are your directions to the best white water rafting near Blue Ridge Georgia. From downtown Blue Ridge turn left at the traffic light in Blue Ridge onto Highway 5 north at the McDonald’s Restaurant. We are only 25 minutes away!

Stay on highway 5 for about 10 miles to McCaysville, GA. In McCaysville, you will cross the river bridge (this is the Ocoee!), you and enter Tennessee and the town of Copperhill. The road ends at a three way stop, and you turn left. You are now on Hwy 68 north in Tennessee.

You will go about three miles on Hwy 68, past a big historic copper-smelting factory, up to Highway 64. (Watch for the sign to the Ocoee River on the right) After taking the exit ramp for Hwy 64, turn left on 64 west. You will see a Piggly Wiggly grocery, and a couple of motels. This is Ducktown! Continue on Hwy 64 about 2 1/2 miles and our Outpost will be on the right in the log cabin with a big blue sign out front saying Ocoee Adventure Center.