Things to Do in Blue Ridge Georgia

We’re pretty sure you know about all the shopping and dining options available in Blue Ridge Georgia. But are you aware of the growing craft brewing scene in town? Additionally outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy visiting the nearby Cherokee National Forest.

The Cherokee National Forest is a vast and popular area present in the South Appalachian Mountain in East Tennessee. This picaresque forest is divided into different two parts by the popular Great Smoky Mountains, National Park. The picturesque beauty and green forest can offer you a lifetime experience to keep in your heart forever. But, apart from exploring the lush green forest, you can take part in different exciting activities. This forest is a part of the known USDA Forest Service. This forest is also connected to the many more national forests located in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

Tennessee, the beautiful place is not just the seat of the music of America. It is also a most visited eco-tourism place due to its sea adventure packages. If you are up for a stunning and breathtaking vacation, you sail or fly your way toward the Cherokee National Forest of Tennessee. This is a large forest and you will get a lot of things to explore in the forest. The headquarters of the forest is in Cleveland of Tennessee. You can visit the place during the fall to have the best of experience here.

Ten must have experience in the Cherokee National Forest located near Blue Ridge Georgia:

Ocoee River Rafting

Thrill and excitement await every traveler who dares to paddle and scream via White Water Rafting Tennessee. White Water Rafting particularly on the Ocoee River, where the 1996 Olympics took place, has become a popular summer getaway among visiting tourists. Family groups, friends and couples are all attracted to the splash of white waters and they enjoy in the Ocoee River adventures. Travel agencies offer rafting adventure packages that suit both young and the old people, who love the Ocoee River Rafting. This is a complete excitement package for the Americans and outsiders.


In this fall, you can enjoy camping in the Cherokee National Forest. The weather of the place remains quite comfortable and you can enjoy the view of beautiful changing leaves. To get the true rustic experience, you can go for the Dennis Cover Recreation area.  This is a secluded and beautiful camping ground that located beside the Laurel Fork Creek. This is also a picnic area where you can enjoy your meal in the midst of a lush forest. This particular area has nearly 87 camping sites and many other amenities are also present there.


Another exciting and adventurous activity that you can enjoy is hiking. There are different trails where you can enjoy hiking. There are more than 600 miles trails and these places are completely free from the automobile. There is also a large Appalachian Trail, encompasses nearly 150 miles. By choosing many short walks, you can enjoy the best hiking experience. But you need to be well-prepared always with plenty of food, water and other camping equipment.


Boating is another exciting experience that you can enjoy here. You can go for the boat rentals at many spaces in the park but the best spot should be Watauga Lake. You can enjoy a complete day of fishing; boating and even you can explore your swimming interest also in the lake. With 110 miles of vast coastline and 16 miles, the lake is enough to discover in a day. For more adventure, you can hire a kayak or canoe. This is a unique and fun way to explore the entire area. The view of fall sunshine is also beautiful here.

Rock climbing

There is a number of excellent places where you can enjoy your skill of rock climbing. The soothing weather during autumn is the best time to enjoy rock climbing. But it is important to go with a guide when you are exploring the rocks around the park. You need to rent or buy proper rock climbing equipment for climbing. There are few spots like Blue Hole, Backbone Rock Star Mountain.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching is another great experience that you can get here. This forest is the home place for more than 260 species. Many birds come here from north and south. You can visit the place during the fall. You will be able to watch the birds like Winter Wren, Veery, Nuthatch, Golden-crowned Kinglet, and Brown Creeper, Blue-headed Vireo, Dark Eyed Junco, Chestnut-sided Warbler etc. you can choose the popular routes of birding there like Roan Mountain, Unaka Mountain Wildlife Viewing Loop, Tellico Viewing Loop etc. These places in the south part of Cherokee National Forest.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking, the best adrenaline experience can be achieved in the forest. Chilhowee Recreation Area is a hidden gem of the park. Beginners and even the experienced bikers enjoy the mountain biking here. You can rent a bike or can go on your own bike to explore the trails.

Enjoy the view of flora and fauna

Cherokee National Forest has a huge collection of flora and fauna. There are more than 20000 spices of animals and plants. This forest is the home of 43 types of mammals like the black bears, white-tailed deer, otters, raccoons and more. There are more than 154 types of fish, more than 55 amphibian spices, 262 birds etc. A forest safari in the lush green forest is a lifetime experience that a visitor can get here. You can explore the wildlife here too.

Smoky mountain trek

You can combine the Ocoee River Rafting with smoky mountain trek. Experience rappels and rock climbing on mountain walls. Be excited to go for a river tubing float trip down the Ocoee River and be more challenged to take your team building skills to the next level through Tennessee’s course in roping.  You can do these during any season.

Participate in flying camp

There is no match of having the excitement of paragliding. Near the forest, you can also enjoy free flying fun. There are many camps and training schools that offer services to visitors. You can enjoy the longer flight and best of service from the arrangers here. You can fly over the green mountains and forest and can get a complete view of the place.