Ocoee Adventure Center Kayak School


Whitewater Kayak Instruction

Good kayakers know that confidence in your ability and good technique are key to enjoying kayaking to the fullest. We want you to enjoy kayaking just as much as we do. Our kayaking program offers a few different types of classes and clinics to help you hone your skills, no matter where you are in your kayaking progression. 


Our courses:

Beginner Course- Full Day
This course begins with an introduction to the gear you will be using, how to properly use the gear and the types of kayaks offered. From there our classroom will transition to the lake where you will learn to exit your kayak, the different types of strokes, edging the kayak, and proper posture. Once you feel comfortable with the skills taught in the lake, we will progress into learning skills on class I/II whitewater such as, river safety, performing ferries, peel outs, and eddy turns. At the end of the day we will teach you the fundamentals for rolling your kayak. This course is ideal for individuals that have never whitewater kayaked before and includes all the gear you need for the day.

Intermediate Course- Half/Full day
This course is for intermediate paddlers that can navigate class II/III whitewater and have learned to roll on their dominate side. Paddlers at this level may be looking to improve paddling technique, learn how to read whitewater, develop play-boating skills, or receive a guided trip on the Ocoee. These trips are fully customizable depending on your kayaking goals and desires.

Roll Clinics- Half Day

Whether you’re interested in learning the roll for the first time or working to gain confidence in your roll, OAC roll clinics can help. If you are a beginner, we will work through the basics of the roll with you. If you have an existing roll, we can help you perfect it. Confidence in your roll is one of the most important aspects of whitewater kayaking. 

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