Stand Up Paddleboards with OAC

Take a Leisurely Trip On the Ocoee

Stand-Up Paddleboarding, or “SUPing” has quickly become the most popular outdoor activity among first-time participants and is the fastest growing water sport in the country.

SUPing involves standing on a surf board and using a long canoe paddle to paddle with. Not only is SUPing a lot of fun, but it also is a great way to improve balance, posture, and get a great core body workout.

We offer a range of classes that can take you from complete beginner to surfing waves on moving water!

Whether you’re interested in taking a leisurely float on nearby Lake Ocoee, paddling on slow moving water, or learning to surf river waves, OAC can teach you how.

Anyone can Stand-Up Paddleboard and our qualified instructors will have you up and walking on water in no time!

Introduction to SUP

This class is tailored for beginners that have never tried to SUP. During this class we will focus on learning the basics such as getting on and off your board, proper stance and position on board, proper paddling technique and posture, and then maneuvering techniques. This trip takes places on a flatwater and is perfect for those who have never paddled, used a SUP board, or those that have never received SUP instruction.  

River SUP Lesson

This class is similar to the introduction to SUP trip, the only difference is we will float down a calm section of the Ocoee River that has no rapids. We will still discuss and focus on the basics mentioned in the Introduction to SUP class, but this class takes on the new element of moving water. This class is ideal for individuals that have previous SUP experience, or individuals that tend to catch on to these type of activities quickly. An SUP lesson is a great add-on to your Ocoee River Rafting trip.

Private SUP Instruction

Do you prefer to learn one-on-one? If so, private instruction may be what you’re looking for. With private instruction, the pace of the lesson solely depends on your needs and goals. 

Half Day Guided SUP
$60 per person

Full Day Guided SUP
$90 per person

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