Middle Ocoee River Rafting Trip

Roller Coaster Fun

Are you ready to tame the Middle Ocoee, America’s most famous section of class III-IV whitewater?

Often called the “Traditional” Ocoee, it was the first available section of the Ocoee to be rafted starting in 1977 when the old TVA flume failed and water had to be released in the original river bed. In the 1980’s, with guaranteed water releases, the Middle Ocoee quickly became the most popular whitewater rafting river in the entire country.

With nearly five miles of continuous whitewater excitement, the Middle Ocoee whitewater raft trip is an experience you will never forget!

Names of the rapids conjure up images of fun and real adventure- Grumpy, Double Trouble, Tablesaw, and the awesome Hell’s Hole.

A trip on the middle Ocoee is one you’ll talk about for years.

Middle Ocoee Pricing


Number of People1-1112-2324 or more
April 2 - May 21$49$45$41

May 28 - Sept 3$54$49$45

Sept 10 - Oct 29$49$45$41

*Prices are per person.

Sunday through Friday

Number of People1-1112-2324 or more
April 3 - May 22$45$41$37

May 29 - Sept 5$49$45$41

Sept 11 - Oct 30$45$41$37

*Prices are per person.