Half Day Guided Rides

Brush Creek Half Day Adventure

Our most popular ride is just a short distance from our Outpost. Begin your trip with an absolutely awe-inspiring view from the top of Boyd Gap overlook and an undulating two mile downhill trail under hardwood forest canopy. This section is particularly stunning during the autumn months.

Then soar through the flatlands along a hidden lake above the upper Ocoee River before exploring the next five mile loop section with its rolling, twisting and turning single track. An extremely fun segment with enough banked turns to make even the grown-ups feel like kids again!
(7 miles, approximately 2 hours)

Tanasi trails at the Ocoee Whitewater Center  

Enjoy scenic views of the Ocoee River and Ocoee Whitewater Center while experiencing mountain biking in its various forms. With over twenty miles of trails, we can tailor your ride to meet your ability and desires.

This adventure has it all: single track, mild rolling downhill, a few steeper slopes for some spice, it even has some optional jumps for the “kids at heart.” There is plenty of mostly beginner-level riding with intermediate sections of trail for riders to try out their new skills.

In addition, there are optional side trails for the more advanced riders. Bonus trails for the seriously playful—no extra charge! (miles vary with skill and desire, approximately 3 hours)

Half Day Rides include all gear and equipment needed, guides.

Cost : $45.00 per person plus tax



Full Day Guided Rides

Chilhowee Waterfall Adventure

Many people come to the Ocoee River area to explore the breathtaking scenery, some to challenge themselves against the rugged terrain, others to enjoy, relax and eat great food with family and friends.

Now, you can get the best of all three options in this one full day adventure. Imagine, what could be better in mid-summer than playing in the cool refreshing mist of a 65 ft. waterfall? Or allowing the wind to fly through your hair as you soar downhill with friends and family? Stop and savor the moment. Relax together as you enjoy a lakeside lunch from the top of Chilhowee Mountain.

This ride is packed with adventure to challenge the novice and seasoned rider alike. There are over 33 extra miles our highly skilled guides can select from to challenge those interested. Trail options are available from beginner through advanced levels, although trails are mostly intermediate with a few advanced sections. You can rest easy knowing that our instructors use their expert knowledge of these trails to help tailor the day’s course to meet the skills and interests of each rider.

Tanasi Full Day Adventure

Get to know the Tanasi trail system like you’ve never seen it before! This is two adventures in one. The Tanasi Trail Ride contains incredible views, swooping downhill sections, playful turns, single track as well as wide trails. It’s great for beginners as well as experienced riders wanting an introduction to the Tanasi Trails. Mostly downhill with a few short uphill sections, this excursion takes riders on a full tour of the Ocoee region, from mountain top vista to lakeside valley.

Cool off and enjoy lunch in a pavilion on the banks of the Ocoee River. During the pause for lunch, you can swim and play in pools along the bank or, if the water is running, watch rafts and kayaks fly through the Olympic whitewater section of the Ocoee River, made famous by the 1996 Olympic Whitewater competition. After re-energizing, the rest of the afternoon is spent exploring several other trails in the Tanasi system. This course is great for beginners and groups and there are several optional trails available for more advanced riders.
(10 miles, approximately 6-7 hours)

Full Day Rides include all gear and equipment needed.

Cost: $ 89.00 per person plus tax

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