The Rafting Guides

Ocoee River Guides Job Description

Ocoee River rafting guides are experienced professionals. And they lead groups of rafters down the rapids of the Ocoee River. With vast knowledge of the river and its rapids, they safely guide rafters. Navigating through the turbulent waters while providing an enjoyable and memorable experience. Some Ocoee River rafting guides are certified by the American Canoe Association as instructors. And many are private boaters that love to canoe and kayak. They must have the appropriate qualifications to ensure a safe and fun experience for all. They also provide important information about the river, its wildlife and vegetation, and the history of the area. With the help of Ocoee River rafting guides, rafters can enjoy the thrill of the Ocoee River without worrying about their safety.

Raft Guide Training

The Ocoee River in Tennessee is a world-renowned destination for whitewater rafting. As such, it is essential that the rafting guides on the river are well-trained. Guides need to be knowledgeable about the river and the safety requirements that come with navigating it. To ensure that the guides are up to the task, the Ocoee Adventure Center has specific training in the skills required. This includes both physical and mental training, as well as a commitment to safety and customer service. USFS has created a list of certification and gear requirements. These must be met before a guide can take guest out on the river.

Meet OAC Raft Guides

Meet our guides and learn about their back stories. Ocoee River rafting guides are a talented and experienced group of individuals. Whose love for the outdoors and adventure is unparalleled. They are all unique individuals with unique backgrounds and stories. Who have come together to provide an unforgettable experience for all those who visit the Ocoee River. Whether it be the stories of their own personal journeys. Or their knowledge of the river and its rapids. These guides are sure to entertain and educate their visitors. From river rescue techniques to the history of the area, the guides of the Ocoee River have a wealth of knowledge to share.