Ocoee River Rafting Trips

Naming the Rapids of the Middle Ocoee River

There is much speculation about how the Ocoee River rapids got their names. One thing is for sure many of the names have their roots in 1970s American pop culture. Gary Harper is credited for naming several of the rapids on the Ocoee River on the middle. Although no one seems to know for certain, the names show the imagination of generations of paddling enthusiasts.

Grumpy / Snow White / Entrance

Rafters on the Middle Ocoee River start their rafting trips with a big bang right off the entrance ramp into the river. The first rapid, appropriately named Grumpy’s is a benchmark class III rapid. The ledge is just 100 yards downstream of the put-in. But the fun begins the moment you step off the ramp! Leaving the eddy your raft slips just past the left of Whiteface Rock. Then you follow a wave train to the tongue just right of Guide Ejector through Grumpy’s ledge hole. Then you ride through the big splashy waves of North Shore on your way to a play spot named Staging Eddy Where you will surf as you wait for the rest of the rafts in your trip to regroup.

Gonzo Shoals and Broken Nose

Upon leaving the staging area it’s on to Gonzo Shoals. Here you will twist and turn your way through the shallowest part of the Ocoee. Gonzo Shoals ends just above another great benchmark Class III+ rapid near the right bank called Broken Nose. And Broken Nose is ‘Big Fun’ with a quick drop  through S-wave, the first small ledge before lining up close to the bank to smash through the final double ledges and sticky hydraulic at the bottom.

Slice and Dice

Our guests continue their Ocoee River rafting trips by heading into the next big water rapid called Slice and Dice. Hold on for the big hit at the top ledge and then cruise through the big squirrely water for fifty yards below. The next big rapid is called Double Suck and is the tallest ledge we drop over on the Ocoee rafting trips. After Double Suck it’s totally fun get-wet-time as we glide through rapid after rapid – Double Trouble, Left Right Left, Flipper – ending with the best play spot on the river called Hollywood Hole. This friendly hydraulic is a great place to surf, spinning round and round and getting really wet with water splashing over into the boat.

Our Ocoee Rafting trip slows down…

As you pass through the Doldrums, the trip slows down for a bit so that you can jump out of the boat for a cool swim working your way through Hiwassee Shoals and Surprise Ledge. Then the river makes a big bend and you know you are approaching one of the highlights of our Ocoee rafting trips, the awesome Tablesaw rapid. Tablesaw is a long class III+ benchmark rapid with big fun waves and holes and one of our favorites. Immediately downstream is another big drop and class III benchmark rapid called Diamond Splitter. Then the Middle Ocoee mellows out for a while with fun rapids named Western Flyer, Dixie Highway and Torpedo.

The Big Finale on our Ocoee Rafting Trips

After Torpedo rafts full of customers are lined up for the big double finale to their Ocoee River rafting trips, the infamous Hell Hole and Powerhouse Ledge. Hell Hole has the biggest waves and one of the biggest holes on the Ocoee and is very exciting. Powerhouse Ledge finishes off another great day on the Ocoee.

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There are many Ocoee River rafting companies but there is only one original Ocoee Adventure Center. Come experience the difference with us. Our rafting trips spend more time on the river and stop to surf and play. Ocoee Adventure Center offers adventurous Ocoee River rafting trips that are bound to get your adrenaline rushing!