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pmanimHey there! outpost

As you have probably already figured out, I’m Paddleman and I would love to show you around our outpost. Here at Ocoee Adventure Center we make your vacation plans easy by offering a whitewater rafting adventure packages for big days of fun. Whether you are here for Middle Ocoee whitewater rafting or the Full River adventure our outpost is easily found. Located on US Highway 64 near the entrance to the Cherokee National Forest. Thousands of customers have returned to our cozy cabin to experience our adventures year after year. Check it out for yourself and take a look around…

The front porch of our outpost is where it all begins – everyone likes relaxin’ here. It’s nice and cool in the summer and there’s always lots of fun stories being told when rafting trips come off the river.

The first thing you usually see when you come inside is a friendly face and a big smile. The staff at OAC is always having fun and they’re ready to answer any questions you may have.

outpost1There’s a great store here – lots of cool t-shirts and souvenir stuff. When I forgot to bring my river shoes they had a great selection for me to choose from right here at the outpost. They have snacks too and I was ready for that when we came off the river!

Safety is a big deal at OAC. All the guides are professionally trained and have CPR and First Aid certifications. Before every raft trip, river guides will explain how to have an exciting, yet safe adventure.

There’s hot showers here, so you can come off the river or mountain and get clean, dry clothes on. Showers are just down this path.

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