Guided Rafting Trips

OAC’s Professionally Guided River Trips Make the Difference

There is a huge difference between an Ocoee river rafting trip taken on your own versus an OAC trip with our professional guides on a guided rafting trip in Ocoee TN. Each year, our new guides are hand selected and trained for two months. The training includes how to read whitewater, which is the ability to understand which way the water is flowing and how to use the water to slow down, speed up or aid in turning the boat. Other elements important for our guides to learn before they are able to take customers on guided rafting Ocoee, TN are paddle strokes, commands, catching eddies, ferries, surfing, and paddle signs. In addition guides learn rescue skills such as how to throw a rescue rope, unpin a boat and swim in a large rapid.

The guides must also pass First Aid Classes and become certified in professional CPR . They are also trained in communication and customers relations skills as part of their repertoire. OAC understands the importance of our guides being personable as well as having technical skills in order to show customers the best time on the river. After their extensive training, each guide must be ‘checked out’ by two different senior trip leader guides prior to being released to guide a raft with customers.

Why Guided Rafting Rates May Vary on Ocoee River Trips

You may find that guided rafting prices on the Ocoee River vary a little from rafting company to rafting company, and some of that variation can be explained by the extent of the training that companies provide and require for their guides. At Ocoee Adventure Center a guide will not be released before we are fully confident they are competent to negotiate the Ocoee’s class III and IV rapids. There is a lot more to consider than just the guided rafting rates in Ocoee TN when choosing a professional river rafting company.

Call our reservations office and our friendly reservationists will help you understand and get ready for your adventure on the Ocoee River.