Ocoee White Water Rafting

Ocoee Adventure Center is the perfect family, church or corporate excursion for fun, excitement, team building, and memories that will last forever.

Upper Ocoee Whitewater Rafting

Upper Ocoee whitewater rafting starts out below Ocoee Dam #3. This section of river is de-watered all but 34 days per year, so there’s a lot of tree growth in the Ocoee riverbed. The first 1.5 miles are relatively easy, class II+ at the hardest, giving the Ocoee white water rafting crew a good chance to learn how to paddle together. This upper portion of the river is also among the most scenic sections of the Ocoee.

OAC River Rafting In TennesseeOnce you get to Class IV “Mikey’s Ledge” (the little boy who’d eat anything), the exciting portion of your Ocoee whitewater rafting trip will really begin. After Mikey’s you’ll move down into “Let’s make a Deal” (I recommend door #3), followed by the “Blue Hole”, a great Class IV warm up for the main event of your Ocoee white water rafting trip – the Olympic Course, home to the 1996 Whitewater Canoe/Kayak Slalom Olympic Events.

After the quarter mile, continuous class IV Olympic Course, highlighted by Godzilla and Humongous, two back to back raft eating hydraulics, the Upper Ocoee isn’t quite done with you yet – you still have to try to check out of the class IV “Roach Motel”. Following Roach Motel, we’ll stop for a couple more surfs, and maybe a swim before reaching the Upper Ocoee River takeout.

Middle Ocoee whitewater rafting is always a crowd pleaser. Consisting of 5 miles of continuous class IV whitewater and running 5 days a week from Memorial to Labor Day (and weekends from mid march to Memorial Day, and weekends from Labor Day to the end of October) the Middle Ocoee River is one of the most popular white water rafting destinations in the entire world.

You’ll start your Middle Ocoee white water rafting trip carrying down the ramp beside the beautiful diversion dam. The trip starts off with a bang, with “Grumpys”, continues right through “Broken Nose”, “Double Suck”, “Double Trouble”, “Flipper”, “Tablesaw”, “Diamond Splitter” and finishes with a bang at “Hell Hole” and “Powerhouse”. A middle Ocoee River white water rafting trip with the Ocoee Adventure Center wouldn’t be complete without surfing and playing our way down the river – we usually spend 2 hours on the river, 33% more than other Ocoee whitewater rafting outfitters.

Finally, our premium Ocoee white water rafting trip is the Full Ocoee River Trip. We start out on the Upper Ocoee, whitewater rafting until we reach the lake above the middle Ocoee dam for a great riverside lunch, then continue down the Middle Ocoee River.

Whichever Ocoee white water rafting trip you choose with the Ocoee Adventure Center, you’re sure to want to come back again and again!